London is a creative hub for all sorts of artistic services, from media and publishing to performing arts entertainment agencies. The capital is also a top destination for many of the UK’s top web design agencies, which attract hundreds of innovative graphic designers and skilled web designers. London is also on the worldwide map as a tech centre with an abundance of start-ups founded in the city each year. So why you should partner up with a London design agency?

  1. Variety and competition

There are creative agencies based all around the UK, but there is something special about the London web design scene. It sets the bar when it comes to innovation and takes the lead in commercial talent. When hiring a London agency, you can safely presume that all of its staff are handpicked specialists that had to compete against many other experienced creatives for the role. There is such a variety of design agencies in the area too, from small boutique agencies to multinational companies. The amount of creative agencies in London means there is a good level of market competition to keep each company on its toes.

  1. Creative hotspot

London is a creative melting pot, brimming with brand new ideas and concepts to explore. The city attracts professionals from all over the world, so working with a London company usually means you’ll receive a global outlook. The innovative hotspot is full of design students and professionals who have worked all over the world, centred especially in areas such as Soho and Shoreditch. Tap into this talent at a London design agency.

  1. Great transport links

When partnering with a branding or web design agency, you might want to visit the studio at some point to discuss your thoughts, before or during the project. By choosing a London agency you know you’ll be able to reach their office within a couple of hours from pretty much anywhere in the UK. The city has one of the best public transport systems in the world, with regular trains, buses and flights into the capital. It makes briefing much easier, and if you don’t live in London then you can make a day of it and see the sights!

  1. London is thriving

Despite recent setbacks to the economy and the city’s multicultural spirit, including Brexit, London is thriving – especially the design community. Business is growing, and the UK’s creative sector is also experiencing growth and contributing to the economy. By investing in a London design agency, you are helping London remain on the map as one of the world’s largest design industries, and also strengthening the business services sector by choosing not to outsource to other countries.

We’re a London design agency without the typical front: small, personal, boutique. Come and visit Regency Creative to discuss your requirements.

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