The importance of web design is sometimes lost on business owners. The online services world is full of jargon: SEO, UX, PPC, analytics, conversion rates… it can all get a bit confusing. But something any web user can relate to is user experience (UX). All businesses want visitors to their site to have a good experience – so why is it not a priority?

Good UX design improves usability and results in better interaction between the user and product/service/company. This is why when designing a website you have to think past the first stage of just what you see – test your website, move around it and see if it offers a satisfactory experience.

It’s time to start optimising your site for user experience – or even better, make sure this is done when the site is first designed. Here are four things you need to know about UX design.

  1. Mobile optimisation is very important to users

More and more people are searching for information and making purchases on mobile devices – yet some companies haven’t bothered to adapt their websites for mobiles. This leaves users frustrated and running to your competitors. An infographic from Experience Dynamics reveals that 52% of users are less likely to engage with a company after a bad mobile experience.

  1. Good UX design can boost conversions

It’s no surprise that creating a better overall experience for your customers will result in an increase in sales. Experts have done the research, and according to Forrester Research the figures speak for themselves – a better UX design can produce conversion rates of up to 400%.

  1. A focus on UX builds trust

Imagine you have visited a company website for the first time, and you have never come across this business before, you know nothing of them. If the page takes a while to load, the navigation is terrible and you can’t find the information you need, you will quickly become disengaged. If a company can’t produce a proper working website, can they be trusted with your money? An effective website which is functional and easy to use builds trust with new visitors and potential customers.

  1. UX is crucial for SEO

Having a user experience focus isn’t just important for the actual usability of the website and user satisfaction. In the background, improving your UX will also boost your SEO efforts. Search engines are becoming more user-centric, so anything which is good for your visitors and improves their experience will also be good for organic search. Digital strategies such as SEO are imperative for being successful online.

If you’re concerned about the UX of your site, speak to our team today to see if we can improve it with a new design.

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