London is regarded as one of the biggest and best cities in the entire world for a variety of reasons – its diversity, heritage, incredible landmarks and cultural events to name a few. However it’s also one of the most creative cities on the planet, home to a myriad of creative, artistic companies and a base for many performers who flock here from around the globe.

As one of those creative companies based in London, here at Regency Creative we want to celebrate our city and tell everyone why we believe it’s the creative capital of the world. From design agencies and theatre companies to a huge pool of freelance writers and artists, London is the place to be.

  1. The West End

A West End theatre is undoubtedly the best place in the world to see any kind of performance. World class plays, musicals, dance, comedy, circus and opera all visit the West End regularly. The beautiful theatres attract audiences from across the globe, and most shows sell out every single night. Broadway theatres have a higher capacity but in fact annually the West End attracts more visitors, with millions of audience members watching performances each year. When it comes to culture, London has the performing arts covered.

  1. Soho

Creative clusters in London attract more and more creative businesses. Soho is firmly on the map as a creative neighbourhood, with a quarter of Soho’s entire workforce in the creative sectors. This square mile also generates 10% of the country’s creative turnover. Shoreditch and Kings Cross are also establishing as creative hubs in London, attracting lots of international talent.

  1. Creative Investment

The creative industries, covering fashion, gaming, advertising, graphic design, publishing, media and so much more, generates a lot of revenue for the economy. London is a magnet for investment, and since 2003 has attracted more investment for creative industries than any other European city. It’s the world’s second biggest producer of TV content and 70% of Europe’s advertising agencies are based in London.

  1. Students

University students are amongst the most creative people in the world, and London if brimming with them! In the UK there are around 2.28 million students, and hundreds of thousands of them study in London. With 40 higher education institutions, London is one of the top cities in the world for students.

  1. Art Scene

Many large cities have an impressive art scene, but none quite so varied as London. Galleries galore stand across the city, showcasing classic and contemporary works by world renowned artists. The Tate Modern and The Saatchi Gallery offer the most cutting edge modern works, or art lovers can visit the National Gallery for iconic pieces by Van Goh and Da Vinci.

Why do you love London? Let us know!

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