With £7,000 in free Google Ad spend, Google Ads Grant offer charities a chance to engage million of internet users. However, this golden goose of an incentive is bound by strict compliance measures, which could see your grant rescinded if you fail to comply.

Enter: a Google Ads Grant agency.

What is a Google Grants Agency?

Armed with the specialist knowledge charities need to stay in Google’s good graces, a Google Ads Grants Agency can ensure you retain and maximise your £7,000 Google Ads Grant allowance each month.

What are the benefits of using an agency to manage Google Ads Grant campaigns?

An Ad Grants agency is comprised of a blend of PPC, web, and SEO experts, who can take responsibility for managing your Ad Grants spend each month, write engaging ad copy, and ensure that you bid on the right keywords to generate clicks to your website.

They’ll have a professional understanding of how Google’s Ad Grants platform works, the compliance measures charities need to adhere to, and the resource to create compelling, well-researched, campaigns that deliver fast results. 

Benefits of hiring a Google Grants Agency

Hiring a Google Ads Grants agency is the best way charities can ensure they’re getting the maximum value from their £7,000 Google ads allowance. You’ll be supported by a team of digital marketing and SEO professionals, who’ll work tirelessly to ensure your ads deliver value to your cause.

Your team will include Google experts who’ll be able to conduct in-depth research into which keywords carry the most weight with your audience – and those which you need to instruct Google to avoid.

They’ll be supported by copywriting professionals who spend their days writing finely tuned ad copy that propels your charity to the top of search engine results pages, and

account managers who can oversee the day-to-day admin of your Google Ads account while ensuring you remain compliant with Google’s latest T&Cs.

What to look for in a Google Grants Agency

Experience with the charity Ad Grants process is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to deciding on an Ads Grant Agency. Here are some other Ad Grants Agency must-haves:

  • SEO & PPC expertise
  • A proven track record of creating responsive UX websites with optimised user journeys
  • The ability to write on-brand ads that reflect your charity’s tone of voice
  • A dedicated account manager who will be your constant point of contact
  • Demonstrable success with Google Ad Campaigns for other clients

3 Best Google Ad Grant Agencies

Ready to appoint a Google Ads Grants partner? Here are three of the best offering their services to charities:

1. Regency Creative

This multi-disciplinary London agency work with clients all over the world. Specialising in web design, PPC, and SEO for brands including TikTok, National Rail, and Holland & Barrett, this talented team know their stuff when it comes to all things Google Ads related.

2. DNL OmniMedia

Working exclusively with non profits, DNL OmniMedia are best known for creating custom technology that helps charities to fundraise and promote their cause. While not exclusively a Google Ads agency, the team do have relevant experience in this area.

3. TrueSense Marketing

A background in search engine marketing has helped TrueSense to deliver meaningful ad campaigns for non-profits using the Google Ads platform. Like DNL OmniMedia, the team works exclusively with charities, helping to raise awareness for a range of good causes.

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