You can’t have an impressive, user-friendly website without a great hosting service, so it’s worth checking out the best hosting platforms available. A lot of people don’t really understand hosting because it’s what goes on in the background of building a website, but it’s an essential part of your online presence. Every single website on the internet is hosted by a server, so you need a provider to get online. Choose the wrong hosting service, and you could face dire consequences.

  • Downtime

Every now and again, servers can crash or other factors can cause websites to go down. This is more than a massive inconvenience, it can contribute to a loss of revenue. If you host an online store then customers won’t be able to make purchases. If your website isn’t working it can also lead to a loss of trust in your brand – through no fault of your own.

  • Data hacking

Whichever hosting platform you choose, you’re trusting them with a lot of company data and probably personal details of customers too. Cyber security is a huge priority, so make sure the hosting service has a good reputation and data back-ups available.

  • SEO rankings

If your loading time is slow or you experience a lot of downtime, your search engine ranking could be impacted negatively. The whole point of working on your website is to climb the rankings, so you need a hosting service which will help boost them, not compromise them.

How do I choose a hosting service?

While cost will be an obvious factor in the decision, you also need to understand the different features of hosting services. There are many options available including shared hosting, dedicated server and cloud server. Then you’ll also need to consider what kind of hosting package you require: do you need email hosting, WordPress compatibility for your blog, or a managed service provider?

If you have an ecommerce store then you’ll need to think very carefully about your hosting provider. You’ll also want to select a web hosting company while allows you to scale – as your business grows, so will your traffic so your website needs to be able to cope.

Often, the company designing your website can recommend hosting services or provide their own. It usually helps to keep all elements of website management together, so as long as the hosting provider offers all of the features you need then this can be a favourable option.

Still lost? If you need more info about hosting services and which will suit your website requirements, get in touch with our experts.

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