Branding, marketing, PR and digital marketing – they are all incredibly important for your business and interlace together. All these strategies complement each other and should work together to achieve to best possible outcome. In terms of branding, there’s so much to consider in the modern corporate world, from establishing a brand voice on social media to making sure all digital and print visuals are consistent.

Sometimes even big brands get it wrong. How many multinational corporations have you seen apologising on Twitter in 2016? Take steps to ensure that you don’t make these sort of mistakes to avoid a PR disaster. Here are some branding mistakes to avoid not just this year, but forever.

  1. Not having a blog

A brand or product can be mentioned online many times – some of this coverage will be positive, others will be negative. You have no say in online reviews or professional reporting, but you do have control over your website. Your blog is the only place where you can establish a brand voice that consumers trust. If you’re not already using a company blog to engage readers and show off your brand personality, then you’re missing a trick.

  1. Using a different design studio for your website and brochures

What’s the number one rule of branding? Consistency. If you hire a digital agency to design your website but use a high street printers to design and print your marketing brochures, it can be difficult to make sure they are properly connected. Both print and digital marketing materials should be designed in alliance to avoid confusion and ensure all projects achieve the brand guidelines.

  1. Focusing too much on the product or service

Branding is not about what you sell – it’s about what you stand for and how you want your customers to feel about your company. When working on a brand strategy, try and forget about your products or services and focus solely on your company missions and values. How do you want to connect with consumers and how does the branding achieve this?

  1. Not having a sense of humour

Some companies have got themselves in hot water by joking around – however if the customer starts it then it could be a branding win. Company exchanges with consumers on social media have become an entertaining way to show off your personality and it even has a name – brander. Huge brands such as Sainsbury’s, Virgin and Tesco have been creative with their customer service accounts, but it’s not just big brands who can get involved. Sometimes a sense of humour can turn a negative situation around, but just remember the world is watching.

Good luck for 2017!

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