Content marketing has been the buzzword on marketers’ lips for quite a few years now – but many companies still aren’t convinced or aren’t using an effective content strategy. Content marketing is now an essential part of business, and one of the most cost effective elements of digital marketing. In this digital age, every business needs to be a publisher to act as an industry authority and boost credibility.

Content marketing works for every type of business in every sector – so it’s time to get creating content! It really doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a multinational company, all businesses need content marketing in the modern world. Here are four of the reasons why (and we could have carried on with many more).

  1. Increase website traffic

First and foremost, a content marketing campaign will help your SEO strategy to direct more visitors to your site. Uploading fresh and relevant content is great for organic search, as search engines will direct people to your useful information. Not only will content marketing increase site traffic, but as the content will appeal to your target audience, you’ll get the right kinds of traffic looking for your products or services.

  1. Build trust

Now that you have people visiting your site, how are you going to make them trust you enough to buy from you? The answer is good quality content. People trust experts, and a blog full of informative articles or explanatory videos makes a business look like an authority in its field. By offering valuable content, you’ll build trust with potential clients, which is essential for conversion.

  1. Boost online presence

If your website doesn’t get enough hits and your social media followers consist of your family, then content marketing can help boost your company’s online presence. This is more than just increasing web traffic – it relates to your entire online existence. If you provide valuable content that people can find, web users will want to share it on their own social media channels. Additionally, bloggers and other online influencers may share your content on their own sites which creates backlinks and gives your brand access to a new audience.

  1. Offers strong ROI

Compared to expensive traditional advertising methods, content marketing is incredibly cost effective. If you have the time to create and upload the content yourself then it could be completely free. Content marketing is a great investment because once it is posted, it lasts forever and can continue to bring in traffic. Additionally, this type of indirect marketing can deliver more leads than paid advertising as consumers don’t feel like they are being ‘sold to.’

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