There are so many digital creative agencies around – and designers giving themselves this label – that it’s difficult to distinguish the difference between them. How can you be sure which agencies specialise in web design or which company to trust with designing and printing marketing brochures? Investing in marketing materials is important, so you shouldn’t rush this decision and make the mistake of thinking all agencies are the same.

So how do you separate the pros from the amateurs? The digital marketing industry is unregulated, so you’ll need to learn to spot the difference.  When it comes to branding solutions and the design of your website, you need a design studio which is fresh thinking and won’t break the bank. But when doing your research, you’ll probably find that all agency websites look similar, offer similar services and have an impressive client list. So how do you know who to trust?

Here are a couple of extras to look out for, to make sure a digital agency is trustworthy and good value for money.

Personalised service

Many digital agencies will call themselves a ‘bespoke studio’ or offer a ‘bespoke service’ but do they actually demonstrate it? Do they offer each and every client a personalised service to cater to individual needs? Large, well known agencies can struggle to offer this kind of bespoke service with so many projects to deliver.


You need a company to be totally transparent if you’re going to trust them with your business. Agencies should be totally open and honest when it comes to project management, timescales and cost – so there are no nasty surprises after you’ve agreed to go ahead.

Expert advice

Can the agency prove they are experts and offer free advice? Take a look at the profiles of staff members and the founder of the company. If members of the team are often in attendance at industry events or are invited to give seminars and lectures at universities, then they must know their stuff. On the other hand, if you can’t find examples of training or experience then you should probably look elsewhere.

Ongoing support

With these sorts of projects, ongoing support is an absolute must. Trust an agency that welcomes any questions and queries after completion, whether it’s one day or one year afterwards. Don’t trust an agency that charges for lifelong web support or management – this should be part of the service.

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