If done correctly, blogs on websites offer a huge opportunity to grow and develop your relationship between you and visitors to your website. Content creation can also dramatically helps your site’s SEO ranking, so to ignore content creation could mean your brand is left behind.

Less is More

For content to be engaging it needs to be concise and full of useful information. Creatively used videos, infographics and images can be used to break-up the text and make posts easier to digest. You need to be very wary that a person will spend on average spend around 4 seconds on a web page before moving away. Therefore, articles that go on and on with line after of text will not do anything for a visitor’s attention span. This is one of the reasons why visitors will click off your website.

Slow and steady wins the race

In now what seems like a lifetime ago, businesses would fill their homepage with keywords to achieve good search results. As we know nowadays, Google sees all and will penalise websites that use this method. This means the best way to reach optimum search engine results is to slowly build your content with certain keywords and phrases in mind. There are also a number of other reasons why SEO is important to your business.

Be Consistent

To help improve the branding of your business it is crucial your posts remain in the same tone, frequency of publication and same format. There will need to be s degree of planning to be consistent, however the results will be well worth it.

Avoid Self Promotion

Striking a balance between providing relevant as well as useful information and some insight to the services you offer is key to making content creation beneficial to everyone. If your content is more of an advert, readers will soon lose interest and not return.

Have a call to action

For each post there needs to be a call to action, this will help to provide focus to the article and allow for the results to be measurable. The call to action could take the form of a Facebook like or share, sign-up to an email subscription or a phone call.

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