Fundamentally, web design is a creative practice and requires an inherent sense of artistic values and imagination. While it can be seen as a tech role, a web designer is essentially a digital artist, creating digital collages of text, images and graphics which form the perfect website. Skills in building a website and how the internet works are crucial, but a creative background and an eye for detail is just as important.

Technical Skills VS Creativity

To be a successful web designer you need both a range of technical skills and a talent for design. All web design professionals will have the technical background and the expertise needed to build effective websites. However, you can’t teach creativity and this is what separates the good designers from the best designers.

Most web designers would have approached the industry with a background in graphic design, art and design etc. This means they have a trained eye and attention to detail when it comes to design, which is obviously a very good trait when designing websites. A web designer needs a creative mind and lots of innovation to be able to design completely different websites for each client, which represent the brand well.

Understanding of design concepts

It is essential that anybody attempting to build a website has a good knowledge of design concepts. A website is a visual representation of a group of ideas, which contribute to the brand message, so a web designer must know how to best arrange the different elements of the site to portray the correct message.

If someone has studied a design course they should understand how to use colour combinations and how to arrange images in a way which is pleasing to the eye. The principles of graphic design composition should also be applied to web design: contrast, proximity, balance, alignment, repetition and white space. Web designers don’t necessarily have to be artistic and be able to sketch, but they do need to understand the principles of design and know how to apply creativity to a brief.

A website is a visual medium, which requires skills in graphic design. There are two sides to every website, and although the technical side is vital it’s the visual design which people will see and judge. Choose a web design agency with creativity at its heart to produce a premium website.

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