Web design trends move fast – but many of the biggest blunders will remain errors forever. There are certain deadly mistakes which should never be made when designing a website, as they can send site visitors running. If you want to build a website that is effective for potential customers and makes your company favourable, then be sure to never make these common faults.

Choosing beauty over functionality

Everyone wants their site to look stunning – but not at the expense of navigation or site functionality. What is the point of having a great design full of large background images if it takes over a minute to load? Most people will be fed up waiting and move on to the next website. A simple design is often more effective, so always prioritise functionality.

Failing to display contact information

Customers need to know that they have a range of ways to contact you should they need to. Far too many websites these days just offer an email address or a contact form – this is not enough to build trust. Small businesses may not have a dedicated office or phone number, but it’s still really important to provide this information in an easy to reach place, such as the footer or having a dedicated contact page.

Too many colours and designs

When surfing the internet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different imagery and colours. Your website design should work in conjunction with your branding, so stick to your company colours. Even better, just have a plain white background with images and text. Trust us, simplicity works.

Long blocks of text

If people are browsing the web to read essays, then they’ll be looking for unbiased academic publications – not a company website. There is never any need in long, boring blocks of text. Ask is it really necessary? If so, break it up and spread it out over separate web pages. If you think people need a lot of information about a certain product or service, then write a long article on your blog or a whitepaper which can people can download as a pdf. Not everyone will want to be faced with long pages to read – scrolling is so last decade.

Automatic videos or music

You must know how annoying it is to click on a web page and suddenly have to listen to someone’s voice, or a piece of music starts playing over the song you have chosen to play on your computer. Don’t put your customers through it! By all means have a video on a page, but make sure it has to be activated and doesn’t play automatically with sound.

There are many, many more mistakes we could list, but you don’t really need to know them all if you’re hiring a premier web design agency, right? Our web designers are leaders in their field and know exactly what to focus on – and what not to – when creating an efficient website.

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