With thousands of videos uploaded to social apps each day, brands and businesses have their work cut out when it comes to capturing (and keeping) their audience’s attention.

So how can you differentiate your commercial video production from the rest?

To help answer that question we’ve offered up 6 carefully honed methods we swear by, that ensure our clients’ videos deliver views and engagement.

Capture Attention With Your Thumbnail

Make no mistake, when it comes to videos, first impressions count. After all, on sites like YouTube your video is just one in an ocean of options vying for attention.

Ensuring your video is the one they pick all comes down to the thumbnail image you choose. Our advice? Treat it like a book cover and opt for something seriously out-there and attention-grabbing. That way, their curiosity can’t fail to be piqued.

5 Eye-Catching Seconds

Getting people to click on your video is only half the battle. Where you really need to focus your efforts is in getting them to watch until the end – and that’s not easy to do.

Most video engagement tails off around the 5-10 second mark, so if you want to keep your audience beyond this point you need to make sure those opening seconds are full of juicy material that reels them in and makes them eager to see more. This is especially crucial if you’re measuring your videos’ ROI using views as a KPI, as some of the most influential platforms only count a video as viewed once its played for a full 30 seconds.

Know Your Audience

This is true of anything you do in marketing, but as creating commercial videos demands more time and money than other assets, it’s even more important to ensure you’re clear on the target audience.

Most of the time, this boils down to the intent of your video and where you plan to host it, so knowing the outcome you want your video to achieve, and which marketing channels you’ll use to distribute it, is one way you can narrow down the audience you’re speaking to.

Tell A Story

To ensure your video has a clear focus and delivers value to a viewer, it’s important to nail down the narrative early on. This is as true for 10 second videos as it is for those a minute or more long. If your video lacks direction and seems to flail around without going anywhere viewers are soon going to tune out and turn off.

A good place to start when storyboarding is to think about what you want the key takeaway from the video to be. Once you’ve agreed on the main message you want to land, you can then build out a beginning, middle, and end to your video that builds to that conclusion.

Use The Latest Marketing Trends

Another way to ensure your videos deliver the engagement you’re looking for is by channeling what’s on-trend. As with all things digital, video trends are constantly evolving and what can be a successful formula one day can quickly make your video seem outdated if you don’t keep up.

It’s not always easy to find the time to stay in the loop with what’s hot in digital marketing, so we highly recommend working with a video production agency, who’ll be in the know when it comes to what’s performing well right now.

Use The Right Tools

Our final tip for differentiating your videos from the rest is to invest in the right tools and equipment. This is a non-negotiable unless you want your video to look seriously amateur and homemade (which is an instant way to lose credibility with your viewers).

This is again where we’d gently steer you towards using a video production agency to produce and edit your content. They’ll have all the latest tech at their disposal, so you won’t have to invest in any expensive kit in order to achieve the quality you’re aiming for.

Measuring how well your videos are performing

Once you’ve produced your videos, it’s also important to track how well they’re performing so you can calculate your return on investment and learn what works well.

Video offers a range of KPIs you can use to measure how well audiences are engaging with and responding to your content, all of which can provide valuable insight to help you perfect your video delivery moving forward.