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The way people investigate possible business opportunities is changing, with an ever-expanding web and a huge number of other media channels it has become even more so important to embrace new technology along with following the latest online trends. For example, there is a very common trend currently for one page websites. Financial websites need to be customer driven, engaging, attract new prospects, increase conversions and help improve client retention.

Having a solid online presence could set you apart from your competitors, by demonstrating your credibility and knowledge in the industry. All other marketing activities will always lead back to your website and visitors will make all kinds of assumptions based on their experience of visiting your website. We take a look at some of the key components to make a great financial services website.

Responsive web Design

Having fully responsive web design is an absolute must for all financial services websites. Existing clients and prospective clients will be used to easily navigating web pages across the net. Users who have had a bad experience on the company’s website will start to transpose those thoughts to the overall business.

Easy-to-use, Simple and Clean Web Design

Financial services websites should be content driven and display clear and concise information to its visitors. Taking a less is more approach to content on the site is a good idea, alongside straightforward web design, useful content and relevant financial information.

Subtle Calls to Action

Often with financial services websites, more strategic and subtle calls to action are used to try to engage the visitor at exactly the right point. Maintaining a healthy balance between content and a call to action is also key to achieve good conversion rates. There are a number of other ways as to why people are leaving your website with being converted.

Break Stereotypes by Having a Personality

Often financial services businesses are betrayed as being bland and unimaginative, challenging this stereotype offers a great marketing opportunity. A successful marketing campaign, from an increased social media presence to advertising will ultimately lead visitors to your website. At this point, leads need to be converted on the website via a call to action, for example signing up to the newsletter. For this to be a success, your website needs to have its own personality and reflect the company’s brand as well as all other marketing activities.

Feature Your Team

Making a personal connection to prospective and existing clients is key to success of the business. Using professional photos alongside a bio for each team member is a great way for visitors to your site to get to know you better. It’s important you are not just another financial services business, disclosing more about your team is a great way to make you stand out from the competition. You could also link to LinkedIn profiles to provide a more in-depth view of members of the team.

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