With the surge of mobile browsing and ever-changing web design options, the web has seen an avalanche of website facelifts over the past few years. Due to this need for change there has been a lot of poor web design choices that have prevented consumers connecting with brands. There are some key points to focus on to achieve a well-rounded site that can be the focal point of your business.

No strong call to action

It should be clear to any visitor any web page on your site what you want that visitor to do next. A call to action provides focus to the site and a way to measure the success of the site. Calls to action can take various forms, from filing in a contact from to the purchasing of a product.

Your website is slow to load

Each year the average size of a website increases, but browsers will have an expectation of pages to load quicker and quicker. Google ranks sites lower that load slower, this will have a negative effect on website traffic for these slow loading sites.

A fast loading site will mean a more satisfying user experience, this will lead to repeat visits and better conversion rates for your site. In 2018 your site should load within 3-5 seconds.

Testimonials not used to their full potential

Third party sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor are very trusted consumers and so having a page on your site dedicated to reviews/testimonials will have little effect to persuade potential customers. Testimonials paired with the appropriate copy and at the most relevant part of the buying cycle will allow for the best results. For example, a testimonial on how reliable and fast the delivery service was on a shipping page is a good match. The use of this testimonial will help to alleviate any concerns a customer may have over delivery of your product.

Not Mobile Friendly

Google will rank your site lower if it is not mobile friendly, this will cause you loss of website traffic from Google searches. For a while now most browsers will visit your site via a mobile device, if they have a user negative they will be unlikely to return.

Trying to write for all 100% of your website traffic

Whilst browsers may reach your site for a variety of reasons it is vitally important your copy is aimed at a specific market. If you try to write something aimed at all users that message may come across as bland and unfocused. You should write content for the smaller number browsers who are most likely to become conversions.

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