Designers have an eye for detail, it’s what makes them creative thinkers and problem solvers. Web designers especially have a lot of problems to solve, as they deal with the front end of the site which must be visually appealing, and developing the back end of the site which needs to be efficient and functional. A web designer looks at a website very differently to the average web user.

Because their employees have an artistic eye, a good web design agency can spot potential problems and flag up roadblocks which could be harming the site. Design can be the solution to many issues, from SEO and conversion rates to brand association. When a design agency looks at your website, they see how it can be improved. A good web agency can highlight software or design problems and make recommendations so your site can reach its full potential. Here’s a few things we can spot which wouldn’t be normally picked up by a user or a business owner themselves.

Eye path

Each website, whether intentional or unintentional, creates an eye path for the web user. A web designer can create a deliberate eye path which directs the reader’s eye to a certain area of the page. This can be used to deliver information or to influence behaviours, which can result in certain pages receiving more views. Most people are unaware of their individual eye path, but subtle changes on a website can make a notable difference.


Most people creating their own website don’t fully appreciate the power of headings. Headers and subheadings are really important for breaking up chunks of copy to make it easier to read. They can make pages more appealing to the eye, and also have SEO benefits is the correct wording is used.

How to condense content

All too often, a web designer will cringe when visiting a website that has too much content. Long pages and large blocks of text are a huge design mistake. Some organisations feel like they need to display a lot of information, and news sites or blogs also naturally have a lot of content. However, a good design agency can recommend ways to condense this content and make it easy to navigate, rather than having it all on display.

SEO glitches

Nobody should design a website without thinking about optimising it. SEO is an important consideration for any good web design agency, and some will also offer specialist SEO and digital marketing services post-design. Websites often have a range of SEO glitches which are fairly easy to resolve, and web designers can spot them instantly.

Performance issues

The performance of a site is just as important as the design, because if it doesn’t work correctly then the design features are lost. If the load speed is too slow or a site is using old software, these performance issues can be addressed by an experienced web designer.

Sometimes you need a trained eye to take a look at your website. Talk to us today to discuss how we can improve your site.

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