As the name suggests, here at Regency Creative we like to let our imagination run wild and create work with originality and ingenuity. However we understand it takes a certain type of person to be able to have a creative vision, and some of us need more inspiration than others. Sparking creativity can be a tough job, but it’s really important for all employers to encourage creative thinking.

Fostering creativity in the workplace can lead to better problem-solving skills and an increase in productivity. It’s not something that is reserved for musicians and graphic designers – creativity can be used in all situations. Here are some ideas for inspiring creativity in your employees.

Encourage new ideas

You should always listen to your staff – whether they have a complaint or want to suggest a new idea to improve a process and make it more effective. However, some employees don’t feel that they work in an environment which would be supportive of their ideas. It’s up to the employer and the management team to encourage new ideas in the workplace and reward creative thinking. Designate a time when employees can have their ideas heard, and even if they’re not acted upon the ideas are respected.

Freedom to fail

It’s only through innovation that new heights are reached – and failure is a part of innovation. You need to give your staff the freedom to experiment with new ideas and the freedom to fail, or else creative thinking simply won’t happen. Let your workforce know that it’s okay to spend time developing and investing in something, only to realise it won’t work. After all, it’s better to realise the failure now than three years down the line.

Design an inspiring office

Do you know how difficult it is to think creatively in a dull, uninspiring workplace? Plain boring walls and little natural light does not foster creativity. You’d be surprised how much some small changes can inspire the mind. Plants and living walls, hot-desking layouts, motivational quotes and alternative music can really improve the atmosphere in the office and lead to higher concentration. Employees need to be stimulated in their work environment in order to produce originality.

If you want to truly inspire your employees, then it takes more than just saying “think outside the box.” Give these tips a go and notice the shift in creative thinking.

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