Making your website convert traffic to conversions is a vital measurable goal for any website. This could be completing a contact form, making a purchase, capturing an email or calling to book an appointment.

Use Active Language on Buttons

Your use of language on call to action buttons is crucial to conversion rates. Browsers need to feel interacted with to get them to engage by clicking on a call to action button. Try to avoid passive language by making language active and less generic. Some examples of these could be:

  • From “Store Finder” to “Where to buy”
  • “Send” to “Send my message”
  • “Submit my order” to “Let’s go”

Utilise Testimonials

A big difference from shopping online compared to going into a store is that you cannot physically hold and trial a product before buying it. Testimonials offer a very effective way of showing to a potential customer if a product is worth buying. You should also encourage reviews from buyers as a way to build a catalogue of testimonials on your product range.

Concentrate “Above the Fold”

Your compelling content throughout your site as a browser scrolls down should build the value of your proposition. However, there is a significant number of browsers who will not scroll through your site, just focusing on where they have landed on your site. Therefore, on the “above the fold” part of the page you should have a call to action button to try to convert these browsers.

Create Need and Scarcity

If your way to convert people is by making a purchase, you could have a stock count to make potential customers aware if a product is running low on stock. You could also have details on shipping to tease the browser as to when they could receive their purchase by. If you sell as service, if applicable, you could have a count on the number of spaces left for a certain time period.

Quality Design

Regardless of what you are selling or what call to action you are trying to encourage the quality of communication you are transferring to browsers is key. If unclear, poor quality images are displayed and the text is grammatically incorrect people will lose trust, making them less likely to click on a call to action thus becoming a conversion.

Make it Personal

In the digital world the old saying “people buy from people” is very true, an insight into your business goes a long way into converting browsers. This can be done by headshots of staff along with some information about them or photographs and details of how your business gives back to the local community.

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