Videos are a fantastic tool you can use to grow your audience and promote new products, while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Shooting and editing a commercial video takes time and money to get right, so it’s reasonable that you’d want to track how well your videos are delivering on investment.

So how do you measure success for a commercial video production?

To find out, we’ve put together a list of the top reporting metrics you can use to understand how well your videos are performing

KPIs To Measure Your Videos’ Success


The number of times your video has been viewed gives you a good benchmark for the audience reach you’ve achieved; something that’s useful if the purpose of your video is to increase brand awareness. However, when assessing video views it’s important to remember that different channels use different metrics to determine what counts as a view. On YouTube, for example, a video needs to play for half a minute to register as viewed, while Facebook considers a video viewed after just 3 seconds.

Play Rate

Play rate tells you how many people watched your video out of the total number who had the opportunity to do so. Given that not everyone who comes into contact with your video will watch it, play rate presents you with a means to track how relevant your target audience deemed your video content to be. Play rate can be especially easy to track if you distributed your video via a measurable channel such as direct email. By comparing the email open rate to the number of video views you can arrive at the play rate.


Another solid way of tracking the success of commercial videos is by looking at audience engagement. Video engagement measures metrics such as average run time (the length of time your video was viewed) and number of replays (how many times a user watched your video). These insights can provide valuable learnings for refining your videos in future. For instance, if most people are dropping off before the video ends, you should condense your next video into a shorter run time and bring any CTAs forward.

Social Shares

Each time your video is shared on social media it automatically gets pushed out to a wider audience (i.e followers of your followers) who may in turn become followers of your business. Videos that are re-shared millions of times achieve what is known as ‘going viral’, sometimes even being shared by celebrities or mainstream media. If your aim is to gain increased exposure for your brand, creating a video that’s likely to result in mass social shares is a great way to go about it.

Click Through Rate

One final KPI you can use to measure your videos’ success is click through rate. This amounts to the number of people who, after watching your video, took the action you promoted as the ‘next step’. How you measure this KPI depends entirely on your call to action. For example, if you hoped to shift tickets for a show, the success of your video can be measured by how many people purchased tickets after watching your video. If you hoped to attract more subscribers, it’s simply a case of looking at how many new subscribers your video converted.

Get Help Boosting Your KPIs

The most effective way to measure the success of commercial videos is by engaging a professional video production agency. Skilled in what inspires audiences to connect with and share brand videos, a video agency gives you the assurance of results, with a focus on bringing you a return on your investment.