A look at the cool things we like across the web

Website features – The internet is full of wonderful websites and examples of creative web design.

More and more as consumers, we expect a certain level of design from companies that innovate and constantly create. Here is a list of some of our favourite videos, animations and cool things we like across the web.

Homepage videos

A homepage video is the first interaction a new potential customer may have with your brand. It could convey some information about who you are, what you do and hopefully help the user to ‘connect’ to your business in some way.

The video could be personal and show staff members going about their daily tasks, or professional and just show products or assets. Either way, it should be a reflection of how you see yourselves as a business and also how you wish to be perceived by your customers.

One of my favourites is from the team over at NL Property who have taken inspiration from Apple’s ‘Perception’ campaign. The video clearly shows what they do, what they care about and shows visual elements of what industry they are in – with some really cool transitions.

We created a video for our own homepage which mixes the personal touch of the team going about their usual routines and on a team dinner (what are they?) but also captures the professional elements of running a sprint, behind the scenes in the print studio and the designers hard at work.


Animations can be used on a website to help build a strong connection between the users and the contents on the screen. It can contribute significantly to the appeal and user friendliness of your websites.

A great animation which really feels really smooth and clean is a scroll triggered animation. Two of the big tech companies, Apple and Samsung do this really well with any new product launch. You can expect the product landing page to have high quality visuals, really nice transitions and clever use of parallax.

A great example is Apples animations on their latest Mac range around security. The animation starts as a padlocked encrypted word, and as you scroll the animation unlocks the padlock and deciphers the code.

Samsung also have amazing scroll animations on their product pages that appear from all kinds of angles and create a really smooth transition and conforms to your scrolling tempo. The landing page for the Galaxy Note 20 is one of my favourites – I particularly like how the transition shows you the different colours of the product as you move down the page and the various elements that fade in/out and interact with the page in different ways. You can check it out here.

Sky Sports have a ‘Story Telling’ feature that uses full width imagery, image scroll animations and caption transitions that really come together well, bringing life to the article and helping to tell the story with powerful images.

Adding movement and effects to a static logo helps showcase personality, and can also improve usability. We wanted to do something a little different with our logo, so we asked our design team to create an inverted effect on our crown, so when users scroll down a page, the regency crown inverts the background colour to create a cool effect! Have a scroll and check it out!

Designed by Adam Grabowski, former lead motion designer at Google. Googles instantly recognisable branding and colours have been transformed into a montage of motion behaviours and dot states. The formation changes to show when Google is listening, when a user is speaking and also when it is thinking. A fascinating example of how motion can be adapted and interpreted in different ways.

Another great example of logo-based animation comes from Seth Eckert. His work for Crowdstrike unites bold motion with delicate typography to establish an engaging and creative logo. The simple two-tone colour palette elevates the strength of the visual, and increase’s it’s on-screen presence.

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