Why Are People Leaving Your Website

Your beautifully created website is bursting with compelling copy alongside polished images of your products and your receiving high volumes of traffic to your site due to your effective SEO activities.

So why are people leaving your site?

There a number of different factors to take into account to identify why browsers may be leaving your page, we take a look at some of the key points.

Non-responsive design

With mobile browsing exceeding desktop since 2016, it is imperative that your mobile site should work just as well on your desktop one does. Browsers will not appreciate having to grab and pinch their mobile screen to be able to access pages. If this is the case, they will not stay long on the site. Many viewers will instantly jump off a non-responsive site, possibly to never return again.

Unclear navigation

Every visitor will arrive on a website with a purpose, if it’s difficult for them to achieve their goal, they will lose interest quickly and look to another site. Your site should always be set-up so that a totally new visitor will be easily able to navigate their way to any section of your site.

Outdated website design

It’s a damaging truth, but unfortunately people judge books by their covers. Visitors will make quick judgements about a business based on their first impressions of a business’s site. If your site appears to look outdated, with unimaginative font and obvious stock images, viewers will start to make assumptions that your business is also outdated. Almost all new websites are now one-page websites, not adhering to this trend could be a significant disadvantage.

It’s not what they expected

Particularly when browsers are reaching your site for the first time, visitors will expect your site to look a certain way and have a certain feel relevant to what type of organisation you are. There needs to be a seemeless link between all other marketing activities and your website to improve your branding. Also, when browsers reach your site via a search engine, they will presume the page title to match up with the content of your site. If there is a big difference between the two, viewers will be likely to click back off the page.

Slow loading

Nowadays no-one has time for a website too load, you should be aiming for your site to load in under 5 seconds. The speed a site takes to load also plays a part in the way Google ranks its search results.

Too many ads

If your website is dependent on adverts it will obviously be hard to be without them. However, adverts should not be everywhere on a site and definitely not have the greater proportion of a site over content.

Lack of personality

Your website needs to be a reflection of your marketing activities and represent your business. Your site should have its own identity, allowing it to be memorable and engaging. Websites that are very passive and lack a clear direction will cause browsers to click off.

Looking further into design, you can start to look at methods such as A/B Testing to understand how you can convert more visitors.

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