Welcome to the Regency launch event.

The event took plave at Fazeley Studios on 17th March 2014. Regency Creative, a new web and branding studio based in London, invited new start-ups and established businesses in the Midland area to come along to get some great tips.

Fazeley Studios is a workplace where the city’s most innovative, forward-thinking companies are coming up with the ideas that will revolutionise all areas of our 21st century lives. The building dates back over 150 years to the industrial revolution, in the days when Birmingham was known as the workshop of the world.

Josh Gutteridge, MD of Regency Creative, said “it was great to see smaller businesses networking with each other. I’m glad we could provide them with the advice they needed to grow and scale their businesses. I hope everybody will take something positive away from the event and we’re looking forward to seeing some of these companies in 5 or 10 years time taking their stage nationally and internationally. Here at Regency we love working with new start-ups and watching them grow. Our team provide great support and advice that gives proven results.”

The event aimed to help new business start-ups and SMEs to raise funds, gather new ideas and improve their online marketing. Each person in attendance was given an information pack that includes the following:

  • Growing with a great website
  • Resilience and responsiveness
  • Competing with social networking
  • Customer engagement with creative branding
  • Case study from Draper & Dash

You can download your copy here.

Guest speakers included:

  • Josh Gutteridge from Regency Creative (Organiser)
  • Ed Stephens from the Angel Investment Network
  • Lee Turner from Titanium Accountants
  • Orlando Agrippa from Draper & Dash (a multi-million pound tech start-up in Canary Wharf)
  • A question and answer round followed where the audience could ask targeted questions to their chosen speaker

What People Said

“Really good talk, really good panel, good info and glad I could be part of it. Made some good contacts.”

“We learnt so much about websites and branding. We can see these guys know their stuff.”

“It’s revived our motivation.”

Couldn’t attend? Why not contact us to send you a start-up pack?

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