Britain is world-renowned for producing high-end, innovative design and is home to many great designer labels and creatives alike. That’s why here at Regency we’re starting the year by taking British design to New York. With a population on 6.4 million people there’s plenty of opportunity for a British brand to make its mark and have an influence on American design.

Josh Gutteridge, CEO of Regency, said “London has a very unique and creative vibe that is hard to be found elsewhere. We want to make sure that the USA has access to, and is benefitting, from this. We’re keen to showcase some of our best design work and hopefully win some business in New York.”

During the time in New York Regency will be attending a meeting with the British Consulate General to see how stronger ties can be made between the two countries and how businesses on both sides can benefit from this exchange. The British Consulate General in New York City represents the UK government in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Fairfield County in Connecticut.

If you are a company based in the USA and would like to talk more about how British design can advance your companies marketing plans please get in touch. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a British company looking to do business in the states – there are many opportunities for British companies to export their services.

To follow our activity in New York why not take a look at our Instagram.