SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of getting traffic from the organic search results on search engines such as Google and Bing. A search engine such as Google is very pure in what it wants to deliver, Google wants to deliver the most relevant, up-to-date and exact match to any search.

Increase traffic to your website

You want your website to be seen by as many who are interested in what you do as possible. Having a good website is a website is a wise investment but not delivering relevant traffic to the website defeats the object of having a great site.

Cost Effective

SEO compared to other forms of online marketing such as PPC (Pay Per Click/Google AdWords), social media advertising or purchasing leads is more cost effective, offering better ROI.

Creates User-Friendly Websites

SEO will help small businesses create a faster, smoother and user-friendlier website. Originally SEO was just all about optimising websites for search engines, today though it is about improving the user experience also. Structured, uncluttered websites with relevant and engaging information will encourage the visitor to stay for longer and be more likely to take a call to action like filling in a contact form or calling to book an appointment.

Search results increasing market share

Around 80-90% of customers research the product they are buying prior to purchase. This is set to increase, it won’t be long before everyone is researching products before buying. Without SEO people will not be able to find your product or service, instead they will just find your competitors.

Boosts other marketing activities

People will be continually looking for the products or services you offer, even more so if you are actively promoting your business through social media advertising, leaflets, advertorials etc. You need to maximise the effectiveness of this by having SEO in place. Once people have been informed of your business and what you do, you need to be easily found in a quick search by a search engine.

Brand Awareness

If you are appearing regularly in search engines for what you do, this will help build trust with existing and potential customers. Whilst people are in the buying cycle it is key that you can be found directly or indirectly to maximise the chances of the consumer making a purchase with you.

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