Having a good search engine optimisation strategy is essential for all businesses to compete online. But when was the last time your company digital marketing efforts were assessed? Do you know how effective it is and if it could be improved? The world of SEO is constantly changing, which means your SEO strategy needs to adjust too.

If you don’t have an online marketing partner or a digital department within your business, how do you stay on top of SEO? It’s difficult to keep up with industry changes and make appropriate alterations to your strategy without professional help from an agency. You have nothing to compare it to, so you don’t know whether your actions are effective or the strategy is up to date. But why is that so important anyway?

Algorithm changes

Google is constantly reviewing is algorithms. To most people it’s a different language, but this is basically the way the search engine responds to queries and how it ranks different websites. Certain features of your website are viewed differently every time a new algorithm is introduced. Search engines are always trying to get smarter, and websites need to make minor changes in order to stay in their position.

Mobile-first index

Having a responsive website design which is mobile friendly is now more important than ever. Google has been favouring these sites for a while but it will soon be going one step further – creating a mobile-first index. This means the mobile version of sites will be crawled, so if there is content that is not deemed mobile friendly the site may get ranked lower.

Digital marketing trends

SEO isn’t just a technical task full of off-page tricks to boost rankings – it’s part of a wider digital marketing strategy. This means to improve your SEO strategy and increase traffic, you need to be aware of other elements such as content marketing. Providing users with relevant content on a regular basis is a great way to get your web page shared across social media and boost traffic.

All of these occurrences can have a positive or negative impact on your SEO so it’s important to have a current strategy which addresses new trends and industry changes. Working on SEO isn’t a short term task while you launch a website – it is ongoing and constantly changing. Without an up to date strategy, you risk dropping down the rankings and reversing all of the hard work you’ve already done.

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