There are some great benefits in working with a small web design agency over a larger firm, here are some reasons why:

Vital information lost in translation

In a smaller agency the same person you initially meet will often be the same person managing your project. With a larger agency projects will be passed through multiple layers and members of staff before the project reaches the person who will be actually carrying out the work, like a developer for example. Also, sometimes in large agencies getting the smallest of things actioned, like a software update can take forever, as there is a lot of red tape. With a smaller agency there will be a more “hands on” approach, meaning the person you speak with to update your software will possibly be the same person carrying out the update.

Better value for money

From revamping your brand to relaunching your website for your business, these types of projects, although necessary can be expensive. Larger agencies will often have larger offices, more staff and overall more expenses. Often these large offices are filled with expensive and unnecessary items like a tropical fish tank or foosball table, which won’t necessarily mean the work will be to a higher standard. In the end these costly items are passed down to client. A smaller agency will work must more cost effectively, with staff often working from home and offices only filled with essential items.

Designers more inspired

Clients will enjoy the experience of working directly with a designer, this in-turn will make the designer feel more valued, appreciated and inspired. In a smaller agency also, a designer will work on a larger variety of projects, again allowing them to be more motivated and satisfied. In larger agencies the designer can feel more like a cog in a very large machine and may have very little contact with clients, if any. This can leave them feeling robotic and unmotivated.

Each and every client is important regardless of budget

Every single client should feel valued and is important as every other client, no matter what their size. Usually in a smaller agency, the agency will be surviving from revenue from a relatively small number of clients of similar size to them. This builds a stronger relationship between client and agency. Larger agencies will often look to work with large business to ensure a certain level of income and possibly not so interested in smaller projects.

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