A brand is your company logo, website and tagline. A brand is also your colour scheme, your use of language, your employees, your building and your product or services. It’s also the way you do business, your pricing model and your history.

Branding Creates Trust

When your existing and potential customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. You could also command a higher price and extend the lifetime value of each customer. Consumers can also become brand loyal, an invaluable element for any business.

Branding Improves Recognition

In today’s busy technology driven world, consumers process a huge amount of information from social media, the internet, magazines, billboards etc. With this overload of information, the human brain uses heuristics (mental shortcuts) to help us make decisions when in the buying cycle. Your logo needs to be simple, instantly recognisable and stand out from your competitors.

Branding Supports Advertising

Advertising should be a component of your brand. In what medium you advertise on and to which demographic you target builds a brand. If there is a too narrower focus, a company runs the risk of being ‘pigeon holed’ and will lose the ability to expand into new markets.

Branding Generates New Customers

Good branding allows for your business to get referral business. It would almost be impossible to tell a friend about a new pair of shoes you love if couldn’t remember the brand. Word of mouth is an invaluable advertising source and can be capitalised by a strong brand.

Branding Inspires Employees

Most employee will need more than day to day work to look forward to. They need something to work toward and feel proud of the business they represent. When employees buy into the organisations mission and reason for being they are likely to work harder and do their job to the absolute best of their ability. With a strong brand your company logo becomes a flag for the rest of the company to rally around.

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To see an example of a rebrand we recently worked on please visit www.easygourmetcatering.co.uk

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