Different types of website require focus in different areas to make a success of the site.

Display the Product Effectively

Browsers will need to see the product looking at its best in high definition images, looking crisp and clear. Here are some tips to make the product stand out:

  • Show the product in use, this will bring the product to life. Continuous static images on your site will have a negative effect.
  • Showcase the product with images from different angles or being used in different scenarios and ways.
  • Professional looking images will do your product justice, ensure good lighting, possible framing and editing if necessary.

Design and Structure

A good conversion rate depends on great design and structure, there are a number of important features your website will need. Your site should be mobile first in design, making it responsive to all mobile devices.

The site should be simple and easy to use, with features such as a navigation through previous parts of the purchasing process. A strong call to action is required for a good conversion rate. Attention also needs to be paid to less obvious calls to action such as potential customers requesting more in formation on a product before making a purchase. Cookies can help track your previous visitors to your site, in this case you could show them previous items they have looked at. This will increase the chance of that visitor turning into a paying customer.

Carefully Plan a Budget

In order to generate sales, any eCommerce site needs to have a steady flow of traffic to it. This can be done by SEO, social media advertising, television advertising, Google Ad Words etc. It is important to remember though, this is the first stage of the process. Potential customers still need to be persuaded into buying the product, turning them into conversions. Therefore, it is vital each aspect of the website has a budget allocated to it and there is room to look at increasing conversions in the future.

Clear Description and Pricing

A clear, to the point, easy to read description and pricing is essential for each product. Most people now carry out research before buying a product and so having accessible and relevant information married to each product helps overcome any objections a potential customer might have before purchasing an item. The pricing also needs to be prominent, showing original and discounted prices. Shipping prices should also be easy to understand and justified. Try if possible to offer a free option, as many browsers will be put off and may abandon their carts by shipping costs

Simple Check-out Procedure

Potential customers will abandon their carts if the check-out procedure isn’t easy and quick to use. To allow for a great a simple check-out procedure, here are some key points to consider:

  • Don’t use too many fields.
  • Automatically duplicate the deliver address from the billing address or offer a click box to duplicate.
  • Use plug-ins to help improve the experience, for example an address finder.

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