A strong brand strategy is absolutely crucial for competing in today’s market – but many managers and business owners still struggle to understand the basics of branding. A business brand is not its logo, products or name – it is so much more. It is everything that makes you recognisable to customers and separates successful big name brands from characterless businesses.

Without a comprehensive brand strategy, people can be left confused as to what your business really is and what it does. If your brand is ‘all over the place’ and chaotic, then this can have an effect on your sales and brand reputation.

Back to Basics

Regardless of how long the business has been operating, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and evaluate your branding. It could need a modern twist or need to be made more cohesive and connected. Take a look at the basics of a branding strategy and how effective your company’s branding is at present.

  1. Consistency

If you have one person designing your website, another posting on your social platforms and staff in other departments, how do you ensure that all of your branding messages are consistent? Without consistency, your branding will never be effective as you’ll send mixed signals. Create a clear branding message and guidelines that can be accessed by all members of staff.

Seamless branding leads to brand recognition, which is crucial for customer loyalty and attracting new custom.

  1. Develop a brand voice

Creating a voice is possibly one of the most difficult aspects of branding. It is basically about how you will communicate with your audience – do you need a professional or more conversational tone? You may need to delve deeper, such as re-imagining the purpose of the company and creating a tagline which is true to the business. Once you’ve developed the brand voice, be sure to be consistent with it across all communication channels – blogs, customer service phone lines, social media accounts, advertising.

  1. Integration

Once you have established the meaning of your brand, it’s time to integrate it wholly across the business. Branding extends to all aspects of business, from staff uniforms to an email signature. First impressions of the company can be made from all angles – it could be a visit to the website or speaking to a customer service advisor. Make sure that your message is being conveyed correctly all across the business.

If you have any questions about improving your branding or are considering a rebrand, please get in touch with our experts.

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