A logo may be the single most important visual connection a brand makes with its users. In today’s content filled world and fleeting attention spans it is vitally important to have a good logo to build your brand and to attract new customers. Whether your logo is seen on your website, an advert, or on your email signature it’s a calling card that represents who you are as a business.

Represents Your Business

Your logo should reflect your brand. A good way to explore this would be to imagine your competitors name with your logo, would a customer understand the difference? Your logo should be able to reinforce your company’s values at a quick glance. McAfee updated their logo with a shield to represent protection. The M used in the logo also forms an interlocking connection between each side of the shield, further reinforcing their tagline “Together is Power.”

Keep it Simple

The best logos are very simple, allowing them to be instantly recognisable. If we look at the Apple logo, the silhouette is nothing special or that memorable. Once a bite has been taken out of it, the logo has character, making it unique and offers some deeper meaning i.e. computer and bytes. With all of these factors the logo can begin to become iconic. Other great examples would be Nike, FedEx and Shell.

Memorable Design and Colours

Key to a memorable logo is a simple logo that uses three or fewer colours. A good logo should be able to be re-created in different colours and still be instantly recognisable. There should be no more than four words or 30 characters, with lettering and wording, the lesser the better. Your logo needs to be unique to be memorable, avoid using generic images or styles.


Having an effective, timeless logo will save you money and time in the long run. You still want to love your logo five or ten years down the line. Your logo may need to be re-designed slightly to keep up with trends and so having a strong logo in the first place is essential. Almost all of the biggest brands around revamp their logo, for example Burger King, Coca-Cola and Starbucks.

Hire a Professional Logo Designer

A logo designer will ensue a number of elements are in place when designing your logo. These will include using the right colours, the correct style of font or creating your own unique font, making sure the logo is able to be used across a variety of platforms and represents you as a business.

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