Marketing techniques have changed drastically with the introduction of the internet and the power of social media. However, traditional marketing such as direct mail, flyers and media commercials are still being used today. In the marketing industry both types are often pitted against one another, but here at Regency we believe traditional and digital marketing methods can be combined for a wholesome approach.

Both categories have advantages and disadvantages, so it doesn’t make sense to focus your entire marketing budget on just one. For example, because traditional marketing has been used for decades people are used to this strategy – it’s easy to understand and people can keep a brochure or flyer and come back to it when they need the product or service. On the other hand, digital marketing is usually more cost effective and allows more interaction with your audience.

Reasons to use traditional marketing

There is evidence in the field of neuroscience to suggest that physical materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain and generates a more emotional response. Therefore tangible materials such as direct mail or magazine advertisements have a meaning, and are better connected to memory. Traditional methods are also helpful when targeting a local area – you could reach every house in the neighbourhood with a flyer or advertise a shop or service on the local radio station.

Reasons to use digital marketing

Digital marketing can be more effective for many reasons. Firstly, you can reach a much wider audience at a lower cost – many forms of digital marketing are free such as social media accounts and email. Customers can also share content instantly, which helps spread the marketing message again at no extra cost. Additionally, it is easy to track the results of a digital campaign so you know how effective it was and if it was worth the investment.

Combining the two

If you want to harness the power of both types of marketing, then you should decide how to use each method. Printed marketing materials can be expensive so we suggest limiting these to leads and re-marketing, or potential customers you meet who you know are interested in your services. Flyers can be given out at trade shows and exhibitions, and brochures can be sent through the post to past customers to promote loyalty.

Digital marketing efforts can be used more consistently, because there is no budget restriction unless option for a paid ad campaign. Businesses can develop a newsletter or email campaign, in addition to a strong social media strategy. To increase brand awareness you could also look at content marketing and SEO strategies to compete online.

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