Lots of things change along with the weather at this time of year. You’ll note seasonal changes in fashion trends, interior design, restaurant menus and more. As autumn rolls in, and the temperature drops as the leaves fall from the branches, everything else adapts. There is a key opportunity here for businesses to jump on the bandwagon and capture the spirit of the season.

You can get into the spirit of autumn and winter in a number of ways. You’ve probably noticed that many shops have already started putting up Christmas decorations and selling festive treats. While you don’t have to go that far just yet, you can still let your customers know you’re ready for winter.

While the high street is easy to decorate, it is still possible to give a nod to the seasons virtually. If you have an online business, you can give your website a seasonal touch or an A/W update. To get ahead online, you have to be fresh and current – which means being prepared for seasons and holidays, and promoting related products and services. You could even run a special autumn offer for the month of October and November if you don’t have a specific product to push.

Here are some more creative ideas for giving your site a seasonal update.

Seasonal Colours

The best way to align your online space with the seasons is by using appropriate colours. You can choose whether to just update the homepage, or alter your entire colour palette. The most obvious autumnal colours to go for are fiery oranges, reds and browns. The Pantone Colour Chart for Fall 2016 has been released, and if you want to be bang on trend the freshest shades are sharkskin grey, warm taupe, spicy mustard and dust cedar.

Utilise Seasons and Holidays

You’ll probably be wishing all of your social media followers a happy Halloween, a fun bonfire night and a very merry Christmas. So why not extend those wishes to your website? It’s relatively easier to add a banner with a seasonal holiday message. You might wish to go further with a glowing pumpkin or flashing Christmas tree graphics – your choice.

New Imagery

Check that all of the live images on the website are still appropriate. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to use a shot of a family eating ice cream on the beach – unless you sell summer holidays, of course. Adapt to the needs of your customers by switching your imagery.

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