Designing a website from scratch is a huge task, so there is plenty of room for mistakes. Unfortunately, many businesses and web designers make some common blunders so you can spot them all over the internet. When building a website you want to ensure it is pleasing to the eye and has a focus on usability – so avoid these major fails at all costs.

  • Poor navigation

This is probably the most frustrating mistake you’ll notice across the web. You’ll be trying to navigate around a site when you realise you can’t get back to the homepage or find what you’re looking for. There is just not excuse for bad navigation menus – our designers always keep it simple so visitors are never left lost or infuriated.

  • Too much content

Have you ever visited a site which has far too much text on one page? It’s overwhelming. Despite the fact that visuals and graphics are far better at communicating messages, some people still focus on the written content. Large chunks of text are not appealing, and trust us when we tell you that nobody reads it all! A design with less emphasis on the content is always more effective – keep it short and sweet.

  • Too many animations

Gifs and moving pictures are on trend right now, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. Try and refrain on going overboard with the animations because they distract from the real message and purpose of the website. They are good at capturing attention but if used too often they can send visitors fleeing.

  • Boring/gaudy typography

Typography plays a large part in the user experience of the website so don’t just choose the first font you like. Firstly, does it represent your brand correctly? Is it easy to read? Are the headings large enough? The key is to find the perfect balance between the boring fonts and the fonts which are too gaudy. Using lots of different fonts is also a big mistake – keep it consistent so as not to confuse your visitors.

  • Ignoring SEO

Integrate your SEO strategy right from the word go. You can follow SEO guidelines in the design of each page, such as having clear subheadings with keywords and building internal links. Ignore SEO in your web design and it is sure to fail.

Want to make sure you don’t commit any dreadful sins while building your website? Then why not speak to one of our expert web designers.

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