A large number of businesses are still making notable mistakes online, and the majority of them are easily avoided. Companies small and large are missing out on web traffic or giving visitors the wrong impression by showcasing an inefficient design. The design of a website is crucial – with 48% of people citing web design as the number one factor in judging business credibility.

Web design is very important for small businesses, but it also plays a huge role in branding for multinational companies too. Whether someone finds your business online or they search for your company after visiting a store or being referred to the brand, a website needs to impress. Take a look at some of the most common mistakes made by the majority of companies when designing a website.

Too much or too little content

Choosing the right amount of content is crucial, but it’s a difficult balancing act. You need to tell the user enough to get them intrigued about your product or service, but you can’t afford to overload them with information. Not only is getting the correct amount of content important for usability and marketing prowess, it’s also vital in terms of SEO. Content-thin pages don’t rank well but the human eye does not respond well to blocks of text. Try to be clear and concise, with at least 300 words on each page.

Fussy fonts

Typography plays a huge role in web design and the overall feel of the website. Choose a font which represents your brand but don’t compromise usability in the process. It’s never a good idea to make users squint in order to read your product descriptions – fussy fonts are an absolute no go.

Autoplay features

Because the visual medium of video is so appealing and there have been numerous statistics pushing companies to host videos on their websites, this is a very common mistake. If you do choose to use video, first of all make sure it adds value. Secondly, do not set it to autoplay – this can slow down loading times and seriously annoy users who haven’t asked to watch a video.

Poor contrast

Not all businesses have mastered the art of using the right colours in web design. Usually they don’t understand that a colour palette used offline doesn’t always work when it is translated online. A mix of different shades can confuse the eye and simplicity is always the better choice. Not using white space correctly and not understanding contrast is a very common design blunder.

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Let us analyse your website and give professional design advice.

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