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There are common themes in the delay of web design projects. In this article, we will outline the typical issues that result in the setback of web design projects.

In relation to this, any business looking for a new website need to make a decision if they use a small web design agency or a larger firm.

Too many decision makers

Too many decision makers can destroy a web design project. Design by committee results in mediocre and unimpressive design. Having too many decision makers will consistently cause disagreements and compromises.  As a result, this will lead to the lowering of web design standards. The project committee will start to discount the expertise of web designers, because of having too many decision makers. Consequently, this damages the quality of the project.

Stakeholders brought in too late to the process

When stakeholders, who have the power to drive the project in a new direction, are brought in too late, problems will arise. They may veto designs or not understand the work in progress. This can lead to the project spinning out of control. The team working on the project may start to fall behind, this will lead to them start to produce lower quality to work to try to appease the problem decision maker.

Ineffective and unclear input from decision makers

Some decision makers may have a hazy idea in their mind of what they would like their completed web design project to look like. These decision makers are looking to the web design team to produce the image they have in their mind and are not open to other possibilities. So, the design process can be tough.

Delays in content being provided to the design team

Providing content is a bigger task than most clients think. Due to most of the focus of a website being on functionality. Therefore, it’s easy to pay less attention to content. A site’s content is crucial to engaging with its readers though. Omitted content means no website. A brand-new website is no good with poor quality images or images that do not reflect the business accurately.


Your web design team will set out a clear timeline for the project. They will hassle you for approval, feedback, sign-off and content. Having good communication will be a huge help in stopping any delays to a project.

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