Web design is constantly evolving, and businesses that want to stay fresh and current need to adapt their websites in order to stay on trend. Over the past few years especially, the modern website has changed drastically to become more visual and have much shorter pages. Gone are the days with long scrolling and boring block colour templates.

If you’re building a new website for the New Year or just plan on giving it a trendy refresh, then take a look at what our graphic designers predict for 2017.

Gifs and animations

Once upon a time, moving images were thought of as tacky and could slow down loading speeds. However, with gifs constantly trending on social media, why not include them on your website too? They can be used in a variety of ways to draw attention to particular products or your phone number for example. From moving arrows to fashion poses, animations can be as fun and creative or as professional looking as you like. Just don’t go overboard as you could send some visitors running from your flashing website.

More graphics, less text

Throughout 2016 websites have become more streamlined, and this trend is set to continue. Businesses are focusing on eye-catching graphics rather than giving an overload of information. This makes pages easier to read, and most people respond better to images than text. If you still feel the need to have a lot of content, then spread it out over more pages to keep web pages short and stylish.


Web users have learnt to recognise stock imagery and staged photographs. This year it’s more important than ever to think about your website authenticity. Make sure all of your images are genuine rather than off the shelf – conduct product photography or take photos of your staff at work. Strive for images which are inspirational and informative, which tell a true story.

Video stories

Videos are an effective way of telling a story and engaging visitors. If you want to condense the amount of written content on a page, why not turn it into an attractive video? With YouTube claiming that video consumption rises 100% each year, with positive connections to social sharing and conversion rates, video marketing is definitely here to stay.

If you’d like to stay on trend and refresh your site in 2017, contact our friendly web design team.

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