A website is a company’s number one selling tool, but it can also be the business’ most effective branding component. When it comes to building a website, there are so many choices that many business owners get lost and become too removed from their brand guidelines and business goals. It’s not all about pretty colours and images – the purpose of the site is to tell your brand story and hopefully capture the imaginations of new customers.

Think of your branding and website as a marriage, a perfect union where both parts are entwined and integrated with one another. If your website has no similarity to your business cards, product brochures and social media pages, this gives mixed messages to your audience. Your site should be included in your brand strategy, and you should always be relating back to your brand guide when redesigning the website.

Professional web design

You may think that you’re the best person for the job – after all, nobody understands your brand more than you. However, building a professional looking website is difficult and time consuming, and a DIY attempt will never have the sleek finish provided by a pro. Hiring a professional agency for web design is recommended for the best possible results. Consult with the web designer during the design process to make sure your brand is being well represented and the business values is coming through. You could also choose an agency which specialises in both branding and web design as they will have experience blending the two. If you’re just starting the business or rebranding, why not have the same person design your entire branding and website to keep it consistent?

Stand out

Every business has an online presence, so how do you stand out on the internet? Digital marketing techniques can technically help you move up the search results, but effective branding is the way to become recognisable. A well designed logo and website will register with your audience, and make them want to come back. Your branding strategy should also be used across social media pages and other places where you appear on the web.

Product imagery

Your website and branding work together to sell products or services. An obvious example is the imagery of these products or services. Product packaging is an important part of your branding, and photographs of these will be placed on the website to persuade people to buy them. Without good images, products don’t sell online.

Branding and web design go hand in hand – take a look at Regency’s portfolio to see how we can design everything so it works fluently together.

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