Each year different companies build websites that match the latest trend in web design and so the question of what colours work best for websites is constantly changing. Whilst there are always classics in web design, such as monochromatic grey and black on white, each year brings about new unique colour palettes that take the design world by storm.
In this article, we’re going to cover the 5 trendiest colour schemes for 2022. This range is designed so that every business can get an idea of a potential trendy colour scheme they can implement on their website.

5 trending colour themes for 2022

Archewell Pastel Colour Scheme

Pastel Colours – Archewell

Pastel colours create a soft, calming atmosphere on your website. In this example, we look at Archewell, a charitable foundation that utilises baby blue and soft brown shades to create a warm website that hints toward their compassion as a charitable organisation. Their images here look almost drawn onto the page and soft typography creates a calming, enjoyable experience.

Panic High Contrast

Colours That Pop – Panic

There’s being high contrast and then there’s being loud. Creating a loud, in your face site can bring forwards thoughts of rebellion. In this example, we look at Panic, an animation studio promoting their ability to create loud stories (hence the loud site). Here their use of pinks and greens create instant contrast, with a minimalist style page allowing every key part of the site to stand out.

ArkDes Muted Themes Colour Scheme

Muted Themes – ArkDes

If being loud isn’t best for your website, ArkDes has taken the opposite approach. Here we see a muted palette with a soft blue with grey notes serving as a background and overlay, partnered with the classic white and black. This theme is modern, calming, and sleek. ArkDes have created a subtle design here that merges recent trends to create a relaxing page.

Golf Space Popping Accents Colour Theme

Popping Accents – Golf Space

Have a soft, calming site that emphasises its elements with accents that pop can let you make the right parts of your website stand out. In this example, Golf Space have created a calming presence on their site with black, white and grey elements before pulling in a modern twist (which massively stands out) in lime green. This allows them to have visitors focus on their call to actions.

Lordz Happiness With Yellow Colour Scheme

Happiness With Yellow – Lordz

Yellow has been constantly growing in popularity. This bright and cheerful colour evokes happiness within people. In this example, we look at Lordz, an urban dance academy based in Switzerland. Lordz websites pops with their primary colour, yellow, and creates an instant bright and happy feeling for visitors. The white and black colours bring this colour palette together and provide easy ability for visitors to capture everything from their socials to their navigation.

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