What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a short film or clip that promotes your business to your target audience. Corporate videos sit within your marketing toolkit and are an incredible asset you can use to convert customers into loyal consumers of your product or service.

Today, corporate videos come in many forms: from social media videos and corporate social responsibility videos, to customer testimonials, instructional videos and new product launches.

The thing all these videos have in common is their ability to engage customers and leave a positive lasting impression of your business. So whether you’re looking to increase your social media followers, drive more sales through your website, or demonstrate your glowing environmental credentials, a corporate video is the perfect way to go about it.

What should be included in a corporate video?

A corporate video is a golden opportunity to boost sales, increase your audience reach and improve customer sentiment – if you get it right.

With that in mind, here are 6 things every corporate video should include to be successful:

1 - A clear message

Nothing turns audiences off faster than a corporate video that jumps around aimlessly without ever getting to the point. Before you begin filming, ask yourself: what is the key take-away I want audiences to have after watching this video?

If you have more than one message, consider whether it’s necessary to film two or more videos. Corporate videos work best when there’s a clear focus and the message is simple.

2 - Calls to action

A corporate video is a great way to hook your target customer, and their undivided attention is something you definitely don’t want to waste.

To make your video work as hard as possible, be sure to include a call to action (CTA) that tells the viewer what they should do next.

Whether that be clicking on your website, signing up to a mailing list or making a purchase, a CTA in your corporate video will ensure maximum take-up.

3 - Powerful imagery & audio

Even with a medium as evocative as video, engagement can waiver after just a few seconds.

The trick to keeping a viewers attention? Appeal to both their sense of sight and sound.

Just like in TV and film, a great soundtrack or voiceover can have a profound influence on our emotional response. So, when you’re storyboarding your corporate video don’t just focus on the visuals, be sure to give equal consideration to the audio elements too.

4 - On screen captions

On screen captions aren’t only essential to make your corporate video inclusive for the hard of hearing. Research has shown that reading captions helps audiences to follow instructions, retain information better, and stay engaged for longer.

There’s also evidence to suggest that captions help your video to perform better in search engines such as Google, which is great for SEO.

And, captions make your video accessible to anyone watching who doesn’t have the sound on their device enabled, so including them is a no brainer.

5 - Audience appeal

Like any marketing activity your business engages in, when you’re producing a corporate video it’s essential to consider the audience you’re targeting.

Think about who the video is aimed at and don’t just make assumptions about their habits, likes and dislikes. Do your research thoroughly.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your videos’s audience demographic will prove priceless when you’re honing the content.

6 - A concise length

Finally, when it comes to corporate videos, timing is everything.

While it can be tempting to try and cram in as much content as possible, videos of over one minute in length can see a dramatic decline in audience engagement.

An optimum corporate video is between 30-60 seconds, so practice your timings and look for ways to cut back the content without diluting the message. Sometimes, less is more.

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