Branding is not just the visual aspects like a logo, some corporate colours or a slogan. It is the way the business is perceived by its customers and third-party observers. A good, well ordered brand sits in the buying mind of a consumer.

What is branding?


What your business celebrates and frowns upon, the personality of the founders and leaders and the general way staff go about their daily affairs are all indicators of an organisation’s culture. A positive culture starting from the business leaders and then flowing through to each and every member of staff will go a long way in ensuring the success of a business. On the other-hand an organisation with an unclear or weak message from the leaders for example can have a negative effect on the business. Culture within an organisational need close monitoring and constant attention for the business to thrive.

Whilst small business owners might not have a deep-rooted history compared to the likes of large corporations like Coca-Cola, each business has their own story to tell and it is importance small business get that message across through their brand strategy.

Products & Services

The first place to start when we talk about ‘building your brand’ is getting your product or service right, from this all other parts of your brand stem from. Your product or service is after all what the world sees as evidence of your organisations efforts.


Your business is not just observed by customers, but also by prospective employees, the media and relevant third parties. In this digital age, there can be no hiding place, the day-today actions of every single employee can have a huge impact on any organisation. For this reason, it is critical that every member of staff can be held together by one organising principle. Medical Supply Store

Some benefits of long-term branding

Instantly Recognisable

Once you have a successful recognisable brand that is consistent across multiple channels, sales and marketing will become much easier. Once your brand has become memorable for customers you will not have to spend so much on advertising. If potential customers already know about your brand you will stand out and will be ahead of the competition.

Loyal Customers

With strong brand equity customers are not only willing to pay more for a product or service they are also willing to stay loyal with a brand with for years, making purchase after purchase. Forming an emotional connection with your customers through your brands personality also helps the growth of customer loyalty and, in turn, increases your customer base through word of mouth (i.e. free advertising). Short URL

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