Choosing your platform is one of the first most important decisions you will make for your new website. WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) today, powering 28% of the total websites online. WordPress is easy to use and versatile, it can be used from a simple blog to a thriving e-commerce site. There are a number of other reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your new website, they will be covered in this article.

Free to Use and Open-Sourced

The core platform of WordPress in free, making it possible for you to check it out before paying any money. The costs are smaller over the long-term also as there are no licence fees to worry about. For the more advanced features such as themes and plugins there are a variety of free and low-cost options to choose from.

WordPress is free due to it being an open-sourced project. The platform is frequently updated, easy to customize and rigorously tested. WordPress h as been around since 2003 and so also has a huge community offering great support and depth of knowledge.

Super User-Friendly

If you have no experience with content management systems creating your first website can be an intimidating experience. WordPress is easy to get started with, even for a beginner, you will not need any coding knowledge to create a perfectly functioning site. The admin dashboard is easy to understand and navigate, from installing themes to writing content.


Regardless of what your site is used for you will want to ensure it is secure. The core of WordPress is designed with security in mind, meaning it will help protect your information and content as soon as it is processed. Security updates are also frequently released as well as latest issues and concerns. You can also download one or more security plugins to make it even more safe and secure.

Great for SEO

Once you are happy with your site you will no doubt want as many visitors as possible. Other than creating engaging content you will need to practice effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your site will need to be found easily by search engines such as Google and appear in relevant search results. The core of WordPress is already optimized for search engines, for example WordPress already has good website speed and responsiveness for mobile devices. For even more SEO power there are SEO plugins. Across the internet there are lots of guides on improving WordPress SEO.

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