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An increasing number of people are living with health conditions they can’t always manage effectively by themselves and this can have a huge impact on their ability to lead fulfilling and productive lives. By working with commissioners, employers and other service providers Living Well can help those people to better care for themselves, improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and enhancing their overall quality of life.

With a clear alignment of values, we’re proud to have partnered with Living Well to craft a flexible identity that celebrates connection, and highlights the power of community.

The identity we established for Living Well focused on creating a warm and friendly visual presence for the organisation, whilst also providing effective and considered co-branding opportunities. Aesthetically modern by design, the choice of a soft typeface seeks to communicate a sense of approachability and comfort.

The incorporation of a of simple arc within the background of the logo serves as a powerful and simple visual metaphor for the challenges and hurdles we can overcome, when working together as a community. This device extends into a flexible brand component for use within in sub-brands and micro-activations.

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Living Well are a community-based not-for-profit that provides a wide range of mental health and wellbeing services designed to help people improve their health and enhance their quality of life.


Team Regency may be small but we make up for it in experience. We’ve helped clients in some of the most challenging and crowded industry sectors to develop stronger connections with their customers.

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