Regency recently attended an Elevator Talk hosted by HSBC and The Telepgraph. The event was held at Grand Central Station in Glasgow and attracted over 100 business owners who came along to gather inspirational ideas on how to creatively improve their office space.

The ideas of making the workspace more creative were delivered by Lee Penson who was behind the Google inflatable workspaces idea. Also, Nicole Yershon and Gemma Milne of Ogilvy Labs talked about how their task is to explore the latest tech and incorporate new ideas into their projects.

Here’s 5 ways to make your workspace more creative:

1) Rip out the landlines

With people spending more and more time out and about the office the landline is becoming defunct. Mobiles are becoming increasingly more popular and almost all business tasks can be completed on them.

2) Express personality

Don’t be afraid to express your personality in what you do.

3) Declutter

Why keep photo frames of your family on your desk when you can save them on your phone and look at them whenever you want. Make the office space as clutter-free as possible.

4) Take the plunge

Don’t be afraid to make changes. There’s an initial pain barrier to get over when any new changes are implemented but you can be proud that you’re moving forward and not backwards.

5) Go to a totally random event for inspiration

Choose a totally random networking event and go and explore that event for inspiration. You’ll be surprised at how many new opportunities and ideas arise from this.

You can watch the full session here.

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