The World Cup is here! This is the perfect time to boost your digital marketing, with this sporting event transcending the nation and sparking interest in the most-unlikeliest of sorts. Here are some tips and ideas to help put some digital marketing campaigns together over the next few weeks.

Know your audience

This is pretty obvious, but if you have customers in Germany, don’t send them an email specific to the England football team. If you have customers in Italy and Holland, maybe don’t mention the World Cup at all!

Knowing your audience is not just about knowing their age, gender and location. Being knowledgeable about how they’ve engaged with your brand is much more important and beneficial. If you know what their favourite products are for example, try to engage with them with similar products. Personalisation of emails is key in terms of higher open rates and better relationship building.

Engage freely with your audience

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is the freedom of communication between your brand and your customers. Engagement is key across popular social media platforms, the World Cup Final last year saw 280 million interactions on Facebook alone.

Posts on social media platforms open to conversation are great ways to engage with your audience. Conversations will lead to many more responses with your content and therefore brand. As always ensure your posts are not harmful or offensive.

With all of this activity on social media, paid advertising on Facebook for example is a great way to capitalize and make you stand out from your competitors.

Everybody loves winning prizes

To help your posts stand out further from your competitors, competitions can be used on social media or via email campaigns. This could be done asking your audience who they think the winner of the Golden Boot will go to. Brands use more elaborate ways to engage with their audience such as Fantasy World Cup Football Team competitions, but you don’t have to use such a complicated method. A creative idea can work just as well, if not better and use much less time and money.

Stay relevant

To maximise the impact of your activity it is vital that you stay up-to-date with scores and maybe even contentious VAR decisions. There will be spikes in social media when key events like goals being scored and dubious penalty decisions for example. Well thought-out and relevant interactions with your audience will gain much higher engagement than general and even worse, out-dated posts.

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